6Pazzi Radio

6Pazzi Radio is available internationally on your mobile phone via our app, on our website and on major streaming services. Just search for 6Pazzi Radio

Whether you are currently under deployment, away from home or have friends and family that are far away, we understand that you not only want to, but need to connect with them.

6Pazzi Radio offers this to you through the power of great music.

Turn up the Volume: 6Pazzi Time

6Pazzi Radio – More than music.
We will take you anywhere you want to go – You just have to ask us

Every Sunday, at 15:00 (GMT) , We ROCK out for two solid hours.
A Pazzigram is a audio personalized message that you can send to anyone, anywhere in the world.
DJ Bryn hosts a 80’s & 90’s Cocktail Party from the beaches of Mauritius right here on 6Pazzi Radio.
Our new Mobile App [6Pazzi Radio] is live. Download it today and enjoy the new features.