6Pazzi Radio

6Pazzi Radio is available internationally on your mobile phone via our app, on our website and on major streaming services. Just search for 6Pazzi Radio

Whether you are currently under deployment, away from home or have friends and family that are far away, we understand that you not only want to, but need to connect with them.

6Pazzi Radio offers this to you through the power of great music.


In 1838, the first Telegram was sent. 2010, brought Instagram.
On the the 20th of August 2020, we bring you the third generation of ‘…gram’ messaging. The PAZZIGRAM.

Send a personalized Pazzigram to anyone, anywhere in the world with your message and your dedicated song.

Simply download the 6Pazzi Radio App on your mobile, head to the CONTACT US tab.

Tap on the microphone icon (bottom right) and send us a voice note

Be sure to include the following NB points in your voice note and try keep it under 15 seconds long:

  • Your name, city and country
  • Your friend’s name, city and country
  • Your personal message to friend
  • Your nominated Song title and Artist

Within 24 – 48 hours, you will receive a notification from us that your Pazzigram is complete and receive a link to it that you can share with your friend’s via any online platform you wish (Social Media, E-Mail, Whats-App, etc)